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Nothing Compares to Teaching Essay - 823 Words

Nothing Compares to Teaching When I first started college I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life. I would ask myself â€Å"If I could do anything I wanted to do for eight hours a day and get paid for it, what would I do?† After thinking about that question a couple of times the answer seemed perfectly clear. Spending my career devoted to children would be the most rewarding thing I could do with my life. There are many other jobs that revolve around children, but none that could compare to teaching. The most important goal in my classroom will be to ensure that my teaching methods are effective. No matter what I am teaching from reading and writing, to how to line up quietly my approach has to be†¦show more content†¦The same principle applies to discipline methods. I will face many discipline problems in my future, and in each case I will have to decide what is the best way to handle each situation. I feel very strongly about positive reinforcement. I believe this should be practiced in all classrooms, as I will use it in mine. Every individual needs the basic knowledge of a high school education. Teaching basic skills to our children is very important. I feel as an educator one of my main goals should be to help students realize just how important their education is. I believe the educational system needs to set goals in helping children realize that their future depends on their educational choices. I hope when my children leave my classroom they have a better understanding of how important their education is. I am very excited about my future as a teacher. I have worked very hard for a long time to reach my goal. I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel the elementary level is where I need to start. At the elementary age students are very optimistic and eager to try new things, and I look forward to being a part of the new adventures they face each year. I know that by choosing education as my career, I will continually be going to school to further my education. There are many careers that do not encourage any further education after you receive your degree. In the education fieldShow MoreRelatedSolo And Sola Scriptur Two Protestant Positions1461 Words   |  6 PagesScriptura is the teaching that the only infallible thing is the Bible. In both of these Scripture is a main part of the beliefs which is why the way that the Scripture is analyzed is important. Some of the traditions that come from traditions come from history and the origin of the Sc ripture. The Historical Critical Method is the comparing of text with other text from the same region and time period which would affect the text, and could cause question. Sola Scriptura is the teaching that ScriptureRead MoreMeditation Session At The Vajradhara Buddhist Center1322 Words   |  6 Pagesexperience. It has been the one I have been looking forward to all semester. I chose to attend an Introduction to Meditation session at the Vajradhara Buddhist Center. I chose this for my Religious Service because I have always wondered what the teachings of Buddhism are. The Vajradhara Center offers these introduction sessions every Wednesday at 7 p.m. I went to the Week 1 session on November 4th, the first Wednesday of the month. I found out about this session just by googling â€Å"Buddhist centersRead MoreEgyptian Legacy Stolen by Greeks Essay1004 Words   |  5 PagesThe main idea of Stolen Legacy is to prove that the ancient Egyptian teachings and education was taught to certain historical figures, was then brought to Athens and taught there and then passed of as Greek philosophy, basically Stolen. Men that went down in history as great phil osophers or great thinkers were the ones that made it seem as if they were creating this knowledge. Men such as Socrates, who was from Athens; Plato, also from Athens; and even Aristotle who was from Greece but was forcedRead MoreAnimal Farm, By George Orwell760 Words   |  4 Pagestowards that change, nothing is done to counter it. This is represented in Animal Farm with the assigning of power to the pigs before and after the animals successfully revolt: â€Å"The work of teaching and organising the others fell naturally upon the pigs, who were generally recognised as being the cleverest of the animals.† (Orwell 6) Naturally, the pigs should be leaders; naturally, the pigs should teach and organize the animals; naturally, the animals would eventually become nothing more than slavesRead MoreFaraday689 Words   |  3 Pagespicture presented in the obituary compare to the picture presented in Book 1, Chapter 4? There are two questions to answer for this TMA. To answer the first question one needs to know the definition of Reputation: the estimation in which a person or thing is generally held; opinion,(E. Dictionary, 2006). It is also necessary to know what in life and work contributed to his reputation. The second question, one needs to understand what it means to Compare: to regard or represent as analoguesRead More The Apology and the Republic Essay939 Words   |  4 Pagesgreat abundance of men who think that they know a great deal, when in truth they know little or nothing. And then the persons who are cross-questioned are angry with me instead of with themselves.(78) Because Socrates upset the peace, the Athenian court eventually caught on to his ideologies. They wished for him to formally apologize or the result would be death. The court protested that if he stopped teaching his theory, then the charges against him would be dropped and he would not have the ultimateRead MoreWhy I Became A Teacher886 Words   |  4 Pagesi was growing up i never thought i would want to become a teacher. I always thought i would be something more exciting like a storm chaser, or a astronaut. a teacher back then to me was nothing special, it was just a boring job dealing with ungrateful children. Then when i entered high school I realized teaching students wasn’t as bad as i thought. I started tutoring kids in both math and history. i loved it when they would begin to understand a problem they were stuck on or they remembered thatRead MoreWriting Assignment : Education ( Test )1269 Words   |  6 Pagesis used in the Zen-style teaching method. Mori’s input and familiarity with the Zen-style teaching method follows truly with how David Sedaris in, Me Talk Pretty One Day, found his point of enlightenment. The marvelous feeling of reaching enlightenment comes purely from the effort and speed at which you perform a certain task; from understanding someone to master ing a skill, the end result marks a beneficial use of the time you put into that task. The Zen monk’s teaching techniques used in JapanRead MoreEducation Through a Biblical Worldview1046 Words   |  5 Pagestruths that are the foundation of a biblical worldview. Paul addresses certain components relating to the natural world, the human identity, human relationships, and culture. In this essay, I plan to compare and contrast Romans chapters 1-8 as it applied in Paul’s tie and mine. I believe Paul’s teachings encourages us to seek the truth of scripture as it influences the way we live and view the world today. Biblical Worldview Essay The Natural World One views the natural world in a way that isRead MoreEssay about The Power of Teaching705 Words   |  3 Pagesof Teaching â€Å"To furnish the means of acquiring knowledge is...the greatest benefit that can be conferred upon mankind.†--(John Quincy Adams) I have never questioned what I wanted to be when I grow up. From the time as a small child I knew that I wanted to teach. Even at the end of many long school days, I would come home and play school with the neighborhood children. I had such a desire to help others learn and took pleasure in doing so. Still, to this present day I am teaching and

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